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The Holidays – Funny Fat Girl Style

Watch All Of My Quarantine Comedy 

Comedy Picture I did a couple open mics in 2010 but didn’t pursue it. Now, after almost a decade as a professional speaker, being told after every talk, “You should really do stand-up comedy!” I decided to really try stand-up comedy. So far, so good!

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I do other stuff too…

funnyfatgirl speaker with photo creditFor nearly a decade I’ve spoken full-time on topics around Size Acceptance, Health at Every Size, and Healthcare for Fat Patients. I’ve had the privilege to bring my combination of humor and hard facts to diverse stages including Google Headquarters, Dartmouth, CalTech, National Eating Disorder Conferences, International Health Conferences, and more.
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funnyfatgirl writer w pic credit
I had a blog before having a blog was cool (1800 posts and counting) and I have written about topics around Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size for publications including Glamour, espnW, iVillage, Today.com, Jezebel, Ravishly, and more. I have a monthly column in US News & World Report, and I’ve even published a few books!

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Fathlete Picture
To unwind from all the joking, speaking, and writing, I like to do sports-y things! I’m a three-time National Dance Champion, I hold the Guinness World Record for Heaviest Woman to Complete a Marathon, and I’m currently training for an Iron-Distance Triathlon.

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